The GnuPG e.V.

In February 2017 several GnuPG developers came together for a 3 day hackathon. While having some beer in the Tigges one evening, the lingering plan for setting up a legal entity was finally agreed upon. Work on the constitution commenced immediately and the founding assembly commenced the following day at 13:37.

The 7 founding members are: Andre Heinecke, Justus Winter, Kai Michaelis, Marcus Brinkmann, Neal Walfied, Werner Koch and Yutaka Niibe. The elected chair is Werner, the vice Andre, and the cashier Marcus. Marcus resigned on 2017-08-02; a new cashier needs to be elected soon.

The rules on how to apply for membership will soon be posted. The registration number is VR11482 at Amtsgericht Düsseldorf. The tax office Düsseldorf-Altstadt confirmed our charitable state on 2017-04-03.